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Sponsorship Opportunities

Bumpin' Bubbles provides great benefits to its corporate sponsors, including:

- Company logo/info on website

- Company logo on:

          - Bubbles

          - Tournament/league t-shirts

          - Bumpin' Bubbles t-shirts

          - Soccer balls used in rentals/ leagues

          - Soccer nets used in rentals/ leagues

          - Promotional materials

          - Email/ newsletter

- Company media coverage through advertising

- Free bubble soccer!

Own a Indoor or outdoor Complex? Partner with us to provide endless bubble soccer fun to your guests. We are currently partnered with many facilities, providing leagues, drop-ins, tournaments, and rentals to all ages! Contact us for more info!

Bumpin' Bubbles is always looking for investors, partners, sponsors, or anyone willing to work with us! We are always looking for mutually beneficial partnerships with just about anyone, so contact us and we will be sure to get back to you!

Ultimate Soccer, located in Pontiac, MI hosts multiple bubble soccer events which include  private events, drop-ins, and a bubble soccer league starting up this year! Click their logo to find out more!

These patches form an airtight, watertight repair that remains flexible in extreme temperatures and protects against abrasion, moisture, saltwater, and UV damage. Great for a variety of things including water tubes, rafts, and tents! Click their logo to find out more!